Tailored Personal Services

So Long Office provides tailored personal services to help you create the ideal work from home environment for you. 

Our personal services are suited for individuals who strive for a productive and well-designed workspace but lack the knowledge and/or time to create their ideal workspace themselves.

Through our experience and research, we can help design a specifically tailored workspace for you. 

working from home personal services

How it works:

  • We start with either an in-person or a virtual meeting to learn about you and your work from home needs
  • Our team creates a proposed design including workspace specs, recommended products and detailed cost estimates
  • We work with you to make any required tweaks to the design
  • Once your happy, we then work with you to acquire the chosen products and either set up your workspace for you or provide step-by-step instructions to do so yourself 

We understand our customers are located all over the world and provide both in-person and virtual options. Our tiered structure below outlines the services provided in each tier and allows you to choose the option best suited to your location and needs.




Initial Consultation

Initial Consultation

Initial Consultation

Detailed Design Specifications

Detailed Design Specifications

Detailed Design Specifications

Written step-by-step instructions for setup and installation

Virtual guide for setup and installation

In-person setup and installation

1-month support

2-month support

3-month support

To request an obligation-free, cost-free initial consultation, please fill in the form below and we will be in touch!