Which software do you need to work from home?

Besides your day to day office related software (Outlook, Word, Excel... whatever you need to perform your job),  working from home will require some additional software to get the most out of your day and stay in contact with your coworkers.

Working from home software has to satisfy the following criteria:

  • You should be able to team chat with your coworkers to quickly drop a message or ask a question
  • It should have advanced, stable & high quality video conferencing capabilities
  • Screen sharing functionalities should be built in & easy to use
  • You should be able to collaborate with your coworkers simultaneously on your documents

Generally, Microsoft has got you covered on all these topics with Microsoft Teams. It is a chat based collaboration platform with built in video conferencing, screensharing & collaboration functionalities. It integrates perfectly with your Excel, Word... documents so you can work on them simulteanously with your colleagues. Various plans exist, but in a lot of cases the free version will be just fine.

working from home software

If you have already an Office 365 subscription and need deep integration with the Office suite, then there really is no alternative for Microsoft Teams. It not, then Slack might be a good option as well to look into. Similarly, Slack is also a chat based collaboration platform which offers the above functionalities. Slack is often called the 'email-killer', thanks to its extensive conversation thread & integration options that eliminate the need to communicate via email. Slack is a bit older and hence more 'mature' than Microsoft Teams and this is visible especially in the integration compartment.  The slack integration ecosystem is richer & more advanced, so it could very well be that your favourite software integrates perfectly with Slack.

Unlike Microsoft teams, Slack does not offer a free version that allows you to e.g. screenshare. You'll need to go for the paid 'Standard' version to unlock this and some other basic functionalities.

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