5 tips to increase your Working From Home productivity

As a result of COVID19, many employees have transitioned into working from home and bid their farewell to daily commutes. New technologies facilitated this transition, whether it is software like Teams and Slack, or easily accessible and affordable home office hardware, like large monitors, webcams and headphones.

What's the secret behind effectively & efficiently working from home? Let's go through 5 key tips & tricks!

1. Invest in your technology

Having the right technology support you in your working from home journey will make your life just so much easier and less stressful. E.g. let conf calls with poor quality be a thing of the past and invest in proper headphones and decent internet. Make sure you can easily compare multiple documents by having a multi-monitor set up. etc.. More details about that here, here or here.

2. Less is more - remove clutter

Having a lean, clean & mean desk will be more inviting to start your work day and avoid distracting your mind when working. Organise your desk effectively and remove unwanted accessories, cables and documents. For more details, see 'make your workstation more inviting: declutter & optimise!'.

Less is more - especially when working from home


3. Structure your day & enforce boundaries

Depending on your work situation, it might be an excellent idea to plan in upfront at what time you'll start your day, when you'll take breaks and when you'll stop your day. This might be easier said than done, but having this mindset (& enforcing it!) does make a difference. Even when working from home, you deserve a break from time to time. Having this planned in up front (and e.g. blocking the slots in your online calendar) sets the expectations correctly with your coworkers and prevents you from falling into the 'work from home workaholic burnout' trap.

Even when working from home it is still beneficial to maintain  boundaries between 'work' and 'private life' time, right from the start. 

Learn more about that in our '5 tips to maintain work/life balance blog post'.

4. Have a dedicated work space

Similar to setting up a boundary between 'work' and 'private life' time-wise, your workspace as well should ideally be clearly separated & dedicated to work. This will help you to focus and be in the 'work' mindset straight away when entering your work space.   

5. Stay socially connected in 'real life'

Even when working from home, it is recommended to get out of the house at least once or twice a day. To get some fresh air and clear your mind, but also to meet up with other people and get some 'real' interactions. Real life contacts cannot be 100% replaced by virtual conference call, so do remember to proactively schedule in real life meetups with friends, colleagues & family.

Meet up with friends, family & colleagues. Even when working from home

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