Make your workstation more inviting: declutter & optimise!

"A clean desk will give you a clear mind" - Plato.

Ok Plato didn't say that, but it sure is the truth. When working from home you'll spend hundreds/thousands of hours behind your desk, so investing time and money to making your desk more 'clean'  and inviting will not only give you a productivity boost, it'll also set you in the right mindset. 


  • Colorschemes
  • Cable management
  • Monitor mounts
  • USB hubs & switches
  • Go wireless

Working from home: minimalistic desk


It's important to make your workstation esthetically pleasing by choosing a certain colorscheme and sticking to it as much as possible when choosing your desk & desk accessories. Many people go for a 'white' with black accents look, but blue or green accents are equally popular choices.  The black accents can often not be avoided due to monitor or laptops always having some black pars, but combining these with colored/wooden elements and/or green plants often results in a 'rustic' atmosphere & clean touch.

working from home white with wooden accents workstation

Cable Management

Nobody likes the view of ugly cables, hence make sure they're

  • Avoided as much as possible (see 'go wireless' further down this article)
  • Tucked away behind desks and/or screens. Often screens and desks have special cable management clips for this purpose
  • Bundled up and sleeved as much as possible. For the cable sleeve, keep in mind your color scheme and e.g. go for a white sleeve if your desk is predominantly white already


Recommended cable sleeves & clips

Monitor mounts

Mounting a monitor will free up valuable space & allow you to easily reposition the monitor so it's at the correct position for ergonomic reasons. Especially when working with a multi-monitor setup, monitor mounts are indispensable and make your life so much easier. We recommend a mount that can be clamped onto the desk for easy installation and flexibility - just in case you'd need to move the mount later on.

When going for a monitor mount, make sure your screen has VESA holes in the back (most screens do) and that the mount supports screen size & weight. Lower end monitor mounts often only support smaller screens and will be worthless when used in combination with anything bigger than 27".

Recommended monitor mounts

working from home monitor mount

USB hubs & switches

Many employees working from home have a company laptop they have to use. USB hubs & switches will make your life easier - and clean up your desk - when connecting that laptop and switching back and forth between laptop and personal computer. See 'Mastering your laptop; working optimally wherever you are' for more details.

Recommended USB hubs

Recommended USB switches

Go wireless

Where possible, go for a wireless keyboard, mouse & headset. It'll allow you greater flexibility when working + get rid of those ugly cables. Do think about how you'll make it easy & straightforward to recharge the devices. Easy wireless charger pads on which you pop your devices at the end of the end are a good option to look into.

Many people feel the compromise between 'portability' and 'having to think about recharging your devices periodically' is not worth the hassle. It'll be a personal choice for you to make where compromising (e.g. mouse and headset wireless, but not keyboard) could also be a good option. Installing a grommet in your desk to route cables through and underneath the desk could also be a good alternative.

Recommended wireless headphones

Recommended wireless mice

Recommended wireless keyboards

working from home wireless headset

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