Hybrid Working - A Guide to Work From Home and the Office

Hybrid Working

As cities around the world enter and exit lockdown, the uncertainty around how and where we work has increased. Many organisations have begun to open up their offices and encourage employees to adopt a hybrid working arrangement whereby they split their time between home and the office. In this blog post we'll explore what a hybrid mode means and our recommendations to maximise your productivity when splitting time between multiple locations.

What stays home and what should travel with me?

This question will be top of mind if you're one of our many readers who have established a productive home working space with the help of our other guides:

Our top recommendations for accessories to support a hybrid working mode that should travel with you:

How do I create easy, flexible and ergonomic desk setups on the go?

working from home and remotely flexible setup

By equipping yourself with the right set of accessories, you'll be able to create a flexible, productive and ergonomic workspace wherever you go. Whether at your home workspace, an office or your favourite coffee shop, you'll have what you need to setup your workspace in less than a minute. Our recommended accessories are light-weight for portability, easy to use and well-designed to ensure your favourite aesthetic stays with you.

In a flash you can:

  1. Set up your laptop with your foldable laptop stand
  2. Connect your USB C hub to have a single hub for all additional wired accessories (monitors, USB storage, printers etc.)
  3. Connect your wireless mouse and keyboard
  4. Start working in a comfortable, ergonomic setup!

How do I manage my time and commute?
managing time and commute when working from home and remotely

When you split your time between multiple locations you will need to keep up-to-date on where you need to be and when. Through effective time and calendar management you can make sure you're always where you need to be on time and ready to do your best work. Here are our top tips for managing your time when in hybrid working mode:

  1. Set a night-before reminder which lets you know where you need to work (and when) on the following day. If you can make a consistent schedule (i.e. Mondays to Wednesdays at home and Thursday & Friday in the office) then set a reoccurring reminder.
  2. Inform your colleagues and business partners of your working arrangements. By ensuring the people you work with know your arrangements, you can better maintain control of when you'll be available for in-person meetings and when you'll utilise video meetings. As above, if you have a consistent schedule you can add this to your email signature so all your correspondents are aware of your availability.
  3. Utilise your commute time wisely. This will vary from individual to individual. The important tip here is to recognise how you want to utilise your commute time as an impactful daily ritual and what will best support your personal and professional needs. Here are a few tips each:

  • Use the time to unwind / destress by undertaking a relaxing, enjoyable activity such as reading (if on public transport), listening to music or a podcast
  • Schedule casual, personal calls to stay in touch with your family and friends
  • Use the time to check and clear emails so you can focus on work when you're in the office
  • Schedule calls that do not require screensharing

As we continue to adapt to new ways of working and living it's more important than ever to make sure we can be flexible while maintaining our productivity. This guide and many others at SoLongOffice.com provide you with all the information you need to do your best work wherever you are!

team gathering after hybrid working

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