How to Look Good in your Virtual meetings

When you are working from home, the meetings don’t stop! Thanks to readily available video call tools such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams, meetings are now virtual and come with their own unique challenges.

Here is our guide about how to look good in your virtual meetings

Be sure to test your virtual meeting setup before your first meetings so you can be confident it’ll work as planned!

Look Good: 

How to look good in virtual meetings
  • Turn your video on - having your video on creates a more connected and personable environment, even virtually! 

  • Dress appropriately - dress in clothing that is comfortable and suitable for work. You want to present your best self and be comfortable while doing so.

  • Make sure your face is well-lit - Ask any photographer and they will tell you that lighting is key. Working in a well-lit room with natural light is ideal. Our secret weapon is having a webcam with a spotlight, it can make all the difference!

  • Look at the camera - When you look at the camera, other attendees will feel as if you are looking and speaking directly to them which makes you look confident and engaging. Most people make the mistake of looking at their own image, many tools allow you to disable this so you don’t fall into this trap! (steps to disable own image from Zoom and MS Teams)

Sound Good:

How to look good in virtual meetings
  • Make sure your microphone works - nothing can be more annoying than not being heard or being the cause of distortion/feedback, so make sure your microphone is working and good quality. We recommend using a headset with high-quality audio rather than built-in laptop microphones.

  • Mute yourself when you’re not talking - to be sure your background noise isn’t coming through, it’s a good habit to mute yourself when not talking. There are some handy tips to make this easier such as; having a mute button on your headphones or using keyboard shortcuts (list various shortcuts for Zoom, Teams, Slack, Discord etc.)

Feel Good:

How to look good in virtual meetings
  • Be on time - arriving on time puts you in the mindset to engage with the meeting and give it your full attention. This advice applies to all meetings but is worth reiterating here!

  • Stay hydrated - keep a glass of water handy to stay hydrated and fresh. If you need a moment to think, having a sip of water is also a great way to buy some time.

  • Have fun! - remember video meetings are a social experience and a great way to stay connected to your friends and colleagues!

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