Actionable Tips You Can Take to Boost Productivity When Working From Home [Guest Post]

This article has been written for SoLongOffice by guest writer Lance Cody-Valdez

Working from home offers many benefits, like sparing you the time and stress of a daily commute. However, it also comes with challenges. According to research published in PLOS ONE, people often struggle to concentrate on their professional tasks when they are in their home environment. However, there are ways to conquer everyday distractions and maintain productivity under your own roof.

Working From Home Boost productivity

So Long Office is your one-stop-shop for productivity tips and tricks when working from home. This guide provides a quick intro to some actions you can take to enhance focus.

Demarcate your work zone

It's easy to simply set up your laptop at your kitchen table or on the living room couch. However, this is a surefire way to destroy your productivity for the day. Generation Y explains that having a separate office is essential for ensuring concentration and maintaining discipline. Otherwise, it's too easy to get sidetracked by small household tasks — like that stack of dishes in the sink or the pile of laundry in your bedroom.

Let in plenty of light

The right lighting can make a big difference in your mood — and in how productive you are at work. Hyperikon reveals that light impacts the body's internal clock. Bright lights signal to the brain that it's time to be alert and get things done, while a dim atmosphere signals to your body that it's time to get ready for a snooze. Make sure your home office has plenty of light, whether that means opening the curtains or adding lighting fixtures.

Add some plants

Pick some plants to place in your office space. You may find that your productivity gets a boost as a result. Science Daily explains that green offices improve workplace satisfaction and enhance workers' productivity by as much as 15%. If you don't have much of a green thumb, opt for low-maintenance plants like succulents. You won't have to stress about constantly caring for them.

Embrace ergonomics

Workplace ergonomics can help you avoid physical issues like back and neck pain, which might otherwise distract you from your job. So Long Office provides an ergonomic checklist you can use to set up a healthy workspace. It covers everything from how you sit in your chair to monitor placement. The guide also includes tips for ergonomic products worth investing in, like a special mouse and keyboard to keep wrist pain away.

Set a routine

When you work from home, making the transition into your workday can be tough. Your "commute" will likely consist of taking a few steps to your home office. The University of Tennessee Chattanooga recommends setting a strict routine to help enhance productivity when working remotely. For example, you might start the day with a walk outside before transitioning to your office. This helps set boundaries, signaling to your brain when it's time to switch to work mode.

Use time-tracking software

At the star of the day, write down a list of tasks you'd like to complete. Then, use a time-tracking tool to help you stick to your schedule. This will also help ensure you are punctual for meetings and video calls. If you're tracking your or your employees' hours for payroll, a tool like QuickBooks allows you to combine time tracking and payroll in one. This can also help you avoid errors in manual calculations.

Maintaining your focus and productivity when you're working from home isn't always easy. However, it can be done. Follow these tips and tricks to help support concentration.

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