A beginner's guide to journaling!

With more happening in our lives than ever before, it’s more important than ever to keep on top of our thoughts and remain mindful. At So Long Office, we encourage even the simplest of journaling practices to ensure you remain grounded and focused on the right things.

In this blog post we share 3 journaling techniques that are easy to fit into your lifestyle!

Beginner's guide to journaling


6-Minute Diary

Perfect for people...:

  • with limited time and hectic schedules
  • who want a clear structure and format for their journaling

The 6-Minute Diary is a simple, time-effective and well-thought out way to journal. It’s broken down into a Morning and Evening section each taking only 3-minutes to fill but providing the benefits of a full journaling session.

In the morning you’ll respond to 3 prompts to put you in the right mindset for the day:

  • 3 things you are grateful for
  • How you’ll make today great
  • Positive affirmation

In the evening, you’ll respond to 3 prompts summarising your day:

  • Your good deed for the day
  • How you’ll improve
  • 3 good things you experienced today.


It’s that simple. In between, you’ll be provided with thoughtful and inspirational quotes. Then, at the end of every week you’ll be provided with more detailed prompts which are completely optional. There’s also a handy habit tracker built right in.


You can find the 6-Minute Dairy here: Amazon US or Amazon AU


Beginner's guide to journaling

Bullet Journals

Perfect for people...:

  • who want to be creative and imaginative with their journaling
  • whose journaling needs may adapt over time and want their journal to adapt with them

The Bullet Journal Method was created by Ryder Caroll and has become a staple in the journaling world. It provides a powerful creative outlet while gaining all the benefits of a robust journaling practice. 

Bullet Journals (or BuJo’s) are as much a personal expression as they are a journal. The two go hand-in-hand to provide a journaling experience that is uniquely yours and suited to your needs. You can continue to adapt your BuJo as your life and journaling needs change.

For a detailed guide on Bullet Journalling written by the creator itself, we recommend buying The Bullet Journal Method (Amazon USAmazon AU)

To create your Bullet Journal, we recommend the Dotted Grid Bullet Notebook.

Beginner's guide to journaling

Daily / Weekly Planners

Perfect for people...:

  • with hectic schedules to manage
  • who want a clear structure and format for their journaling

The classic Daily or Weekly Planner is tried and true and remains a popular choice for both journaling and planning. For those who love to journal about specific events of the day, using a planner is perfect as a dual-purpose method of managing your day and journaling!

We recommend the Moleskine 2021 Weekly Planner.

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