5 tips to maintain work/life balance when working from home

Working from home comes with its unique challenges to avoid 'fuzzy' lines between work & private life. 'Controlling 'the invisible leash' is especially challenging when your home functions as your workplace. We've collected 5 tips to keep work clearly separated from private life!

Working from home work life balance


1. Turn off work email notifications on your phone

Work life balance when working from home
  • If possible, remove work emails entirely from your phone. In many professions, it's perfectly fine to read & respond to emails exclusively through your computer. Doing this is the number 1 tip to allow you to 'disconnect' from work after work hours.
  • If removing work emails entirely from your phone is not possible in your line of work, then at least mute email notifications. This will avoid you getting distracted by work after hours.


2. Set up 'rituals' to connect & disconnect

  • Rituals before and after work are a perfect way to switch your mind off from 'work mode' and work worries. 
  • Physical activities are the best way to make sure your mind does not wander back to work topics. As an added bonus, the serotonin released from physical activities will help you get rid of work stress & feel relaxed!
  • In the morning, having a cup of coffee or tea right before tackling your work activities is a perfect way to get your mind back into work mode!

Working from home work life balance

3. Schedule in 'family' or 'personal time' in your calendar

  • Block your calendar out for personal commitments to avoid meetings being planned over them
  • Be polite, constructive yet decisive when asked to sacrifice personal commitments over work activities

Working from home work life balance

4. Physical activity

  • Physical activity is by far the best & easiest way to keep your mind from wondering off to work related topics.
  • Physical activity also releases endorphins in your body which can reduce work related stress and make your private time more valuable.
  • Start small (e.g. daily 5 minute jogs) and work up from there. Even very small steps will make a huge difference

Working from home work life balance

5. Designate a disconnected workspace

  • Make sure you have a designated work place, free from family distractions & noise
  • When you enter/exit that work space, your mind will know to enter/exit work mode eventually
  • Set up that workspace in the most efficient, clean & productive way so you're all set for a productive day when you enter! For tips on how to achieve this, read our 'declutter & optimise' blog post! 

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